سه‌شنبه، خرداد ۳۱


Why should I put time and effort into something I don't like ? And it's not just the matter of liking! Why should I waste my moments to read and memorize such bullshits when I believe they have been destroying not just my life but my world !? I can watch a great movie! I can eat a delicious food while watching Friends ! I can make love ! I can read a book ! I can check out blogs and surf the net ! 
Why should I kill my joy because of a course that fucked my life during its sessions !?

پی نوشت :  شب ِ امتحان ِ اندیشه اسلامی 1 و 2  !

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Najoorha گفت...

موافقت صد در صد

همچنان ارادتمند : ناجور

علامت سوال گفت...

جبر جغرافیایی

ali گفت...

you can be JOEY and eat as much... or you can be Rachel and buy as much ... you can be Ross and Love your ex-lesbian- wife ... or you can be urself and watch friends as much as you like ...

جک موریسون گفت...

از من که دارم یه رشته دیگه رو می خونم که کارت راحتت تره!

mehrdad گفت...

peydaton nabodddddd/
khasti toye yahoo montazera/
khosh hal misham add koni